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What I expect out of 2012
I just want to know that this is a list of what I expect from 2012, not what I want. What I want would be a much bigger list.

First off. Pottermore. We were all supposed to be able to access that last year. =)
Secondly, Avengers better be awesome. Any less would officially have be off the Whedon train. Yes, I am serious.
Third, Ice Cream Sandwich (or even Jelly Bean) on my Nook Color.
Fouth, a new job with the United States Postal Service being paid the kind of money I should be making with all the years of scraping and bowing.
Fifth, the end of scraping and bowing. 2012 will be my time. So will 2013.

Lastly, I want someone to throw an epic mid-December party to celebrate the end of the world. It would have to be someone with space, and the party would have to go all night, just be be sure we all survived! Any volunteers?


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